68490_10152284528070641_404829439_n菲攝影成員 Sun Yeung (Photo taken by Sun Yeung)


簡介:富士只限國內銷售的負片, 分別生產了iso 100 及 iso 400 兩種速度, 這款底片色彩自然, 顆粒幼細, 反差對比適中, 個人覺得相對 Kodak Portra 系列的淡雅多了一份活潑, 對綠色的表現尤其討喜, 適合喜愛拍攝清新風格, 生活小品的朋友

This film only can be sold in Japan , only have iso 100 and 400 version . This film’s color is natural ,few noise . In personally , the color of this film is a bit ligher than Kodak Portra.The film love green .Good for taking kids , something feel fresh etc.

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