Edinburgh Place Ferry Pier in 2006



Edinburgh Place Ferry Pier, often referred to as the “Star Ferry” Pier, was a pier in Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong; the pier, with its clock tower, was a prominent waterfront landmark. The pier, built in 1957 at the height of the Modern Movement, was located near the City Hall and the General Post Office. The pier was the central flashpoint of the Hong Kong riots in 1966, and 40 years later became the focus of a confrontation between conservationists and the government, which wanted to demolish the pier to allow for reclamation. The ferry from the pier was suspended on 11 November 2006, its function being replaced by piers 7 and 8 of Central Ferry Piers about 300 metres away from the former site (as the crow flies), further into Victoria Harbour. Demolition commenced on 12 December,and was completed in early 2007.

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