Occupy Central was an occupation protest, which took place in Central, Hong Kong and lasted from 15th October 2011 to 11th September 2012. The camp was set up at a plaza beneath the HSBC headquarters. On 13th August 2012, the High Court granted an injunction against the continuation of the protest, and ordered the occupants to leave by 9pm on 27th August. But protesters defied the order and remained in place until 15 days after the deadline, when court bailiffs were sent to evict the occupants. Ended on 11th September, the movement remained one of the lengthiest Occupy movements in the world.


佔領中環是一個響應美國佔領華爾街和「一起佔領」(Occupy Together)的一集會示威,由2011年10月15日起持續到2012年9月11日。佔領營區設在香港中環滙豐總行大廈地下的廣場。高等法院於2012年8月13日發出禁制令,責令佔據者於8月27日晚上9時前離開,但佔據者違抗禁令,直到期限後15天,法庭的執達吏被送往驅逐的居住者。

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