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Venue: Caffe Paradiso, shop 8, g/f, mui wo centre, 3 Ngan Wan Rd, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, HK.

Exhibition: 30Sep2018-30Nov2018

Opening hour: Mon – Fri. 8am – 4pm.  Sat Sun 8am – 6pm

The Background


We self-financed and published a photo collection titled A documentary from Lunar New Year in mid 2016. It is a record of what happened on 8 February 2016 – the evening of the first day of Lunar New Year – a massive confrontation between citizens of Hong Kong and the police. The then Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Leung Chun-ying, later dubbed the incident a “riot” in a press briefing he hosted together with other senior government officials.


Our photographers were onsite that night in Mongkok. As observers, we documented with our cameras what had happened from various locations. Our photos are honest records of images taken of what had actually happened before our eyes. It is our hope that viewers may put together their own thoughts about the truth from a source other than edited news clips handed out by mainstream media.


90sFoto is a non-mainstream organisation. Our photographers document our society with a neutral stance, striving to put forward facts and actuality.


This exhibition is based mainly on images, complemented with texts. We offer to you the most honest images, instead of lengthy descriptions, so that as viewers you will have an objective and neutral space to consider and reconstruct what had actually happened that night in Mongkok.


The Exhibition


The photos have been arranged in chronological order, presenting a timeline of what had happened that night in Mongkok. The exhibition was designed with a dark tone for a nocturnal visual texture. Captions only identify the location and timeline, with no information on the setting or what was happening at that particular moment. The viewers are to perceive, observe, and deliberate free from persuasion.


We Shall Never Forget


Eve of Lunar New Year, 2016, Portland Street, Mongkok. The night market was buzzing with a new year celebrative mood, and people were enjoying all sorts of street food. It seemed that what had happened there two years ago had slipped from people’s memory. In the two years since we published our photo collection, people have come up with different views and positions about that fateful night. In Hong Kong, where popular imagination has always been dominated by the mainstream media, the prevailing “truth” is the one shaped by mainstream media.


That one night in Mongkok had changed our community and our lives in ways not always visible. Some people were found guilty, some were awaiting court trails, some became wanted fugitives… Shall we, for once, put aside the politics and look at the “truth” about ourselves and our community with the most objective angle and through eyes of true clarity, examining truthfully documented images taken on location that night in Mongkok.


90後社會紀實主辦的《年初一相展》於梅窩Caffe Paradiso展出。展覽由即日起至9月27日舉行,一共展出15幅收錄於本會攝影集《年初一紀事》中之攝影作品。展覽作品以順時序形式,展示出本會攝影師於當夜實地拍攝之實況影像,期望提供最中立、最客觀的角度,讓參觀者自行重組當晚屬於大家及社區的故事。

九十後社會紀實於二零一六年中,自資出版了《年初一紀事》相集,紀錄了二零一六年二月八日 ── 農曆新年大年初一晚上發生的大型警民衝突。二月九日上午,特首梁振英就事件與一眾首長級官員會見記者,將事件定性作「暴亂」。



二零一八年農曆新年的大年三十晚,砵蘭街夜市再次變得人頭湧湧,市民沉醉在新年喜慶氣氛,享受各式各樣的街頭美食的同時,似乎已經忘記了兩年 前那一個漫長的夜晚。相集出版後的這兩年以來,社會各界對那一夜發生的事件各有看法和立場,但在香港這一個被主流媒體壟斷的傳媒生態之下,大眾在耳濡目染間,似乎傾向相信那些由香港的主流媒體重組呈現出來的「真相」。那一夜之後,我們的社區,甚至是我們的生活在不知不覺中都產生了 一些變化,有人為這個夜市背負了罪名,有人仍待審判,有人被通緝……這一次,讓我們撇開政治不談,以最客觀的角度,最清澈的雙眼,再一次細心觀察及欣賞本會攝影師於當夜實地拍攝之實況影像,重組屬於大家及社區的 「真相」。




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