I had used Lomo LC-wide for 10 rolls of film . When I change back to SLR camera . I forgot the to focus at first time .However my “photography eyes” sense  has been improved , now I am able to find find interesting moment faster than before.

我用LOMO LC﹣WIDE 影了10 卷菲林,當我轉回單反相機時,起初我忘記了對焦。但是我覺得我比以往對有趣的場面更敏感


These are the photos from Lomo LC-Wide :

這些相是由LC WIDE 拍攝

img108 img109 img112 img113 img114 img115 img116 img117 img119 img120 img124 img130 img140 img141 img142 img143 img144 img025 img027 img032 img035 img050 img051 img053 img054 37040012 37040013 37040014

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